March 1, 2009

Superintendent Bart Anderson's Use of Bogus Doctorate Degree(s) Between 2001-2005

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Bart Anderson currently serves as the superintendent of the Franklin County Education Service Center (FCESC), located in Columbus, Ohio. Prior to his current position, Bart Anderson was named as the superintendent of Port Clinton City Schools, in 2001. He served as superintendent into 2004 until he left to assume his current position. While employed as superintendent of Port Clinton City Schools, Bart Anderson referred to himself as "Dr. Bart Anderson" and insisted that subordinates use the professional title of "Doctor" when addressing him.

In July 2008, Bart Anderson was selected to serve on the prestigious Governing Board of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA). Also, in July 2008, Bart Anderson
was named as a buyer of a bogus doctorate degree in a Spokane Spokesman-Review article.

Bart Anderson has a level of influence over the educations of more than 210,000 children in the central-Ohio area. Central-Ohio parents send their children to school and expect that their kids are in a safe learning environment developed and managed by leaders with a track-record of integrity and honesty.

Presto! Behold, I am now "Doctor" Bart Anderson!

Superintendent Bart Anderson paid a $200.00 partial fee to the online "St. Regis University", in 2002, and received a phony doctorate degree in the mail. He now says that he "knew immediately" that the diploma was false.

Even though Bart Anderson well knew it was a partially paid-for bogus doctorate diploma, he began publicly and professionally referring to himself as "Dr. Bart Anderson", in 2002. Extensive documentation absolutely indicates that he was calling himself "Dr. Bart Anderson" -- and pompously demanding that subordinates address him using the title of "Doctor" -- for a period of several years after he well knew he only made a partial payment for a fraudulent doctorate degree.Alternatively, while contradicting earlier public statements, Bart Anderson claimed in an audio interview with WTVN Radio that he was only "suspicious" when he received the bogus diploma in 2002. Further contradicting previous statements, he then claimed that he "researched" the legitimacy of his bogus St. Regis University doctorate degree before he was "soon enough" convinced (quite logically!) that the fraudulent doctorate degree he was using for professional gain -- was actually fraudulent.

Apparently, in the audio portion of the same WTVN Radio interview, Bart Anderson, knowingly and with clear intent to deceive, stated the following apparent provable falsehoods (in bold) among other "interesting" claims:

"There was a brief period of time where I thought this was a legitimate institution and legitimately providing diplomas, and after I learned they were not, I stopped using it entirely. And the credentials never appeared or have been used on any job applications or in any way to get a raise or anything of value. My employers have all verified that."

Amazing! In truth, there exists dozens (if not hundreds or thousands) of documents that disprove Bart Anderson's above preposterous and disingenuous statements. Obviously, Bart Anderson knows the Governing Board of the FCESC, his current employers, are simple fools. Fools, If they actually were able to "verify" that he "stopped using [the fraudulent doctorate degree] entirely" and that the fake "credentials never appeared or have been used on any job applications or in any way to get a raise or anything of value."

Simply put, it is fundamentally and absolutely impossible to "verify" Bart Anderson's false statements. Bart Anderson knows that -- and knew it when he stated the untruths. Bart Anderson shows complete contempt for everyone's intelligence -- making those statements -- when he well knew letters, such as the following, exist, and were an integral part of his life for years.

Here is one example (click on letter to enlarge):

If Bart Anderson was fraudulently representing himself to an entire city and school system, then Bart Anderson lied about his academic credentials to every employee, teacher, and child -- and every child's parents. These were the very people paying hard-earned money in taxes to pay his superintendent's salary while he indulged himself with this apparent con job.

There was no end. Taxpayer money was used to purchase at least two versions of Port Clinton City Schools' fraudulently labeled letterhead imprinted with either "Dr. Bart Anderson" or "Dr. Bart G. Anderson" at the top. Every single letter written on the phony letterhead that he signed with his with his hand-written signature between the lines reading. "In Service to Children," and "Dr. Bart Anderson, Superintendent of Schools", was a calculated furtherance of his deception.

At the end of 2003, Bart Anderson even sent an exact type of the above-described letters, regarding taxes and levies -- with the salutation, "Dear Port Clinton City School Resident". That's right, "Doctor" Bart Anderson hand-signed a letter, regarding taxes and levies, to all Port Clinton City Schools' taxpayers -- written on the fraudulent letterhead paid for by those very same taxpayers.

Bart "Dr. Cornhusker" Anderson

One last item. In 2001, before the above apparent years-long fraud occurred, The Toledo Blade reported that Bart Anderson was hired as the new superintendent of Port Clinton City Schools. The article listed his academic credentials as follows:

"The incoming superintendent has bachelor's and master's degrees from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and a doctorate in education from the University of Nebraska."

Holy smokes! A doctorate in education from the University of Nebraska. Huh?

If Bart Anderson had already earned a "doctorate in education from the University of Nebraska", what was he doing buying a fake doctorate degree in 2002?

Incidentally, the University of Nebraska has websites listing every doctorate degree it has awarded at both the Lincoln and Omaha campuses. We will let you guess whether Dr. Bart Anderson's name appears on the lists...