August 5, 2008

All Employee Email Addresses Removed from the FCESC website 'Staff Directory'?

Interestingly, after initially emailing some questions to Franklin County Educational Service Center Superintendent Bart Anderson -- -- on July 29, 2008 and receiving no response, a follow-up email was blocked by the mail servers. No doubt, the emailed questions probably surprised Bart Anderson and made him feel a bit uncomfortable about some past events in his professional career. Perhaps, he was not happy that copies of the email were sent to some of his FCESC colleagues and some media outlets. However, is it possible that he reacted (overreacted?) by removing from the FCESC webpages the email addresses of every FCESC employee from the "Staff Directory" ?

Because, it now appears, as of August 5, 2008, that every FCESC employee email address has been removed from the FCESC webpage "Staff Directory" --

Has Bart Anderson (or someone else) chosen to disrupt the ease of outside email contact from the entire world to the FCESC offices and its employees -- the organization he oversees -- responsible for serving over 185,000 children in Franklin County and the surrounding central-Ohio area?

What if FCESC constituent school districts have a critical need to reach a particular FCESC employee via email, and in the past they would simply look-up the email address information on the FCESC
"Staff Directory" webpage?

It certainly seems strange that a couple of weeks before school restarts, someone at the FCESC has taken a measure that would seem to make email communication more difficult for its constituent districts and those they serve.

Can anyone confirm?

Update -- 8/6/2008 @ 2:44 p.m.

Here is a snapshot of how the staff directory looked until yesterday -- all employee email addresses were available


Anonymous said...

This is false, the ESC website only allows current staff to have access to all emails. The website does list all central office administrative contacts.

Education said...

In response to the above comment:

Education Credential Watch confirmed on numerous occasions the accuracy of this post regarding outside access to FCESC email addresses from the 'Staff Directory' webpage. In fact, Education Credential Watch contacted various FCESC staff via accessing these email addresses last week.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the wagons circled. It's apparent that Anderson has convinced his board members that his is in the right but it should be investigated by the State Board of Education. Oh, Anderson wants to be appointed State Superintendent. Maybe they, the state BOE, will discover the flaws in character and ethics.